Monday, September 27, 2010

We're back!

So I feel like I've said this before but.... I'm going to try and keep this blog a little more up to date!
I think that all of you should know this by now but just in case, we are living in Paupa New Guinea. We are currently living in Madang, PNG and we are going through a 14 week language/culture school. Weft the states on July 17th and will be done with language school in mid November and then our plan is to move to the Eastern Highlands Province. Our purpose in coming is to church plant among the unreached. If you have ANY questions about our ministry you can check out or email us anytime at or

What made me start blogging again was Graham. Today he asked some very interesting questions.
He had just laid down for an afternoon nap and I heard him call out for me. I went in and asked what he needed and he just sat up and asked me,
"mom are you a Christian?"
"yes, I am G"
"am I a Christian mom and what is a Christian?"
"A Christian is a person who believes in God." Before I could say anymore he said, "and a Christian is a person who loves God too."
He went on to ask things like; Where is heaven? Where do we go when we die? WEHRE DO THOSE WHO DON'T BELIEVE GO? Will they be there forever? Does God make us have boo-boos? Why does God let hurricanes kill people? He asked so many very detailed questions. I sat him down and tried my best to answer his questions as well as I thought a 3 year old could understand and he seemed to totally understand!

Alex then sat him down and totally shared the gospel with him. How awesome is it that God works through a crazy little 3 year old??

2 more little quotes from the conversation-
I asked Graham how people who have never heard of God still believe and he look at me and said, "thats why we have the bible" I then had a great opportunity to tell him just why we are here!

second quote-
I was telling him how Hell came to be and I started with telling him that there was an angel named Lucifer and he stopped me and said "mom, the good teachers back in our church in Texas told me all about it and how he did not want to do what God wanted him to do so God kicked him out of heaven. Mom, they are good teachers there" thanks Divine Providence and Mrs. Ruth!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

the pesky neighbors came back

Last week the Poppe family came for a visit. We had a blast!

Natalie & Haley
(I have no idea why Snow White HAD to be in the picture)

Iliana & Elaina at church
It was great to have them back at Divine Providence.

Jude at Haleys soccer game.

Hannah playing at lunch.

Graham & Elijah played so well together. It made the departure even harder!

sweet, sweet Keri!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

big baby nate

well he may not be huge to you but for a kelley and alex baby he's HUGE!
he weighs more than haley or graham did at a year and he is just 6 months.

He is the most snugly and sweet baby ever!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

and we now have a 6 year old

Well if turning 30 next month does not make me feel old enough, having a six year
old does the trick!

Haley had a great birthday and thanks for all who wished her a happy day!

Alex made her mini pancakes and bacon for breakfast and to celebrate we went bowling. She requested a princess cake this year. She also requested a "tan" princess b/c once we move to PNG she will have a good "tan" so she thought it would be a good idea.
I love how children think :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Haley O'Neal